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The Church History


The Church History: A Chronicle of the Early Christian Church

Eusebius’s, The Church History, is a testament to Jesus Christ as the enduring focus of faith and hope across generations. It chronicles the early history of the Christian church and its profound impact on civilization. Drawing from now-lost sources, Eusebius began writing this work in the 290s AD, completing the first edition around 300 AD, alongside other writings. This historical account provides a chronological overview, intertwining with the rule of Roman Emperors, and delves into topics such as bishops, Christian teachers, martyrs, heretical controversies, and Christian-Jewish relations.

“But most wonderful of all is the fact that we who have consecrated ourselves to him, honor him not only with our voices and with the sound of words, but also with complete elevation of soul, so that we choose to give testimony unto him rather than to preserve our own lives.”
― Eusebius of Caesarea, The Church History

“Whence it is evident that the perfect religion committed to us by the teaching of Christ is not new and strange, but, if the truth must be spoken, it is the first and the true religion. This may suffice for this subject.”
― Eusebius of Caesarea, The Church History

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