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Governance and Christian Higher Education in the African Context

Edited by David Ngaruiya and Rodney Reed 

Robert contributed a chapter, “Educational Liturgy: Towards Innovation, Creativity, and Devotion.”

Integrity, pastoral care and authority lie at the heart of Christian leadership and indeed, following Jesus in any capacity, and they are also critical in state governance and Christian higher education. The articles in this book, the product of the 2017 conference of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology, address these themes and other topics relating to the spheres of government and education in Africa to enhance our understanding of the challenges faced in African contexts. A wide range of Christian scholar-leaders provide a way forward for other church and institutional leaders who are seeking to faithfully fulfill their responsibilities of stewardship and instruction. Corruption, civil disobedience, good governance and formation of Christian leaders are matters that are becoming increasingly relevant not only in many African countries but across the world, and this book is a valuable resource for thoughtful reflection and guidance on these important subjects.

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