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Embodied Afterlife

Robert Falconer

For many Christians, one of the most important aspects of their faith is the sure and certain knowledge that they will be reborn after death, resurrected to live on forever, free from suffering and pain. Most of us imagine that this is a distant future event. We have conflicting information about heaven being an eternal disembodied spiritual state or a temporal disembodied state, where one waits for the general resurrection. But what if there was an alternative?

This book, Embodied Afterlife: The Hope of an Immediate Resurrection, explores the possibility of another option, in chapters that examine:

- The resurrection of Christ
- The problem of an intermediate state in heaven
- Near-death experiences (NDE’s)
- The makeup of the body, soul and spirit
- Concepts of time in the afterlife
- Hope for the future
- And more…

The idea that there is the possibility of an immediate resurrection provides a promising alternative to the traditional beliefs and concept of the afterlife held by most Christians.

Embodied Afterlife is intended to shape that thinking and bring that expectation into sharper focus so that we may all follow in Jesus’s footsteps in resurrected life as he has conquered death, with the knowledge that the physical resurrection we seek is not in some distant future but immediate.

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