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Dialogue with Trypho

Justin Martyr

Discover the legacy of Justin Martyr and explore the wisdom of an Early Christian Apologist in his Dialogue with Trypho.

Justin Martyr is considered to be one of the most important early Christian apologists. His writings helped shape Christian thought and defend the Christian faith against its critics. He is also remembered for his courage and his willingness to die for his beliefs. The Dialogue with Trypho is an important text in the history of Christian apologetics. It is a valuable resource for understanding early Christian beliefs and practices, and it is also a reminder of the importance of apologetic dialogue with other faiths.

“And hence all men everywhere, whether bond or free, who believe in Christ, and recognize the truth in his own words and those of his prophets, know that they shall be with him in that land, and inherit everlasting and incorruptible good.”
― Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho

“The mystery, then, of the lamb which God enjoined to be sacrificed as the passover, was a type of Christ; with whose blood, in proportion to their faith in him, they anoint their houses, i.e., themselves, who believe in Him.”
― Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho

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